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The finish work reflects a style that has become classic in New England without being cluttered. Things work and hold up to wear and tear. We’ve been in the house for 3 years; the interior and exterior do not look like they have had three years of wear (and we don’t treat the house like a museum!). The mechanical systems work well and are easy to maintain.

35 Pleasant Street never fails to make me happy because the design works on many levels. It fits the neighborhood. The house is sited very well. (We have always thought so; trained designers agree.) The interior flow works well for small groups and large gatherings. The spaces are easy to clean.

We love the look of our home. Its excellent external design means it could be placed in the center of Concord, and blend in immediately. Inside, the open layout creates the feeling of space and relaxation, and everyone has space of them of own or places to hang out together. Without exception, visitors say they love our home.

Home building is all about details. Patriot Development did a great job on the details. Mark and Johanna helped us pick the right materials and features to make this purchase the right value proposition for us.

Less than twelve months from P&S until closing. High quality materials, respected suppliers, great reputation. You’ll love the finished product.

We’ve relocated multiple times. This was by far our most successful building experience. Mark and Johanna have a great reputation. They produce a quality product at a great price. We highly recommend this builder.

Mark and Johanna have great attention to detail. Some of it is hidden detail – the placement of the fires, the structure of the roof to ensure the home is not too tall, and so on. But much of it clearly visible to the eye – the determination to match items to period detail, the quality of the fittings and finishes, and the addition of the important contemporary needs in a way that accords with the rest of the detail (that great mudroom, and walk-in closets for all!)

Boynton Brennan homes are ones marked by excellent design, expert craftsmanship delivered with superior customer service. Again and again this expert team lives up to their reputation as one of the area’s finest home builders by exceeding the expectations of clients with the finest workmanship and service. We are proud to sell Boynton Brennan Homes and make it a point to refer these fine builders to our customers.

We had the pleasure of working with Johanna and Mark while our house was in the midst of being framed, up to completion and were very impressed. Their attention to detail helped make the process run smoothly and end on time. Overall, their thoughtful design and layout with an emphasis on functionality for a busy family has provided a great home!

Anything that Mark builds is done RIGHT, like no other! He has done an amazing job on our home!! Combine Mark’s expertise and talent with Johanna’s great taste and family-functionality know-how and you have a winning combination!